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Our north star

Our north star is aimed at designing and building remarkable cultures through operations transformation and coaching. Disrupting normalcies with rebellious people; by educating, training, designing, and growth through understanding and re-instilling hope with direction.

Core purpose

To drive change in a relentless pursuit of betterment.

Practiced values

People and service first.

  • Focusing on people brings engagement, lower turnover, attracting more talent, among other benefits.
  • We know that without a demand, there wouldn’t be a business. Without satisfying that demand with exceptional service, there will only ever be a singular interaction. Building relationships is what will stand the test of time.

Corporate partners and people advocates.

  • Building relationships drives business. We believe in building a relationship of understanding with our customers first.
  • We have been in the trenches, we have fought on the frontlines, we have trudged through growth and born the weight of leadership. We understand people.

Advancing through purpose and service.

  • Like a rebellion, we grow steadily by influence. We have purpose, and we are all about service.
Our Team
Benjamin Montrose

Benjamin Montrose

Benjamin is a rebellious consultant. He designs remarkable cultures in a unique way. By reinforcing engagement with positivity and collaboration, training leadership and driving operations transformation. With a specific focus in ecommerce and retail along the entire supply chain.

You can find Benjamin helping small ecomm businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, with a particular passion and ability inside startups.

Schedule a call with Benjamin.

Eric Tung

Eric Tung

Eric designs and delivers custom professional development trajectory as a Senior Change Management Consultant: specializing in corporate training, technical writing and organizational development. He has an unmatched way of establishing a unique culture of the “casual professional”.

You can find Eric as a professor at two different universities and working with clients ranging from small firms to multi-national organizations, both private and public sectors.

Schedule a call with Eric.

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